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Paula is health therapist and yoga teacher at Lilla yogastudion and you can find more about her work under her proffessional name Organicpauyoga.

At Lilla Kliniken, Paula offers different health treatments to help you relax mind and body.

Paula also offers private yoga classes and events through Lilla kliniken, Lillayogastudion and more.
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paula lozano

I am Paula and I am a yoga teacher and health therapist at Lilla Yogastudion.

My journey on yoga and wellbeing started more tan ten years ago while i was completing my studies in psychology. I got my first contact with the practice of Yoga and it was love at first sight! All through the coming years, yoga has been helping me to understand my self deeper, to be kinder and easier to my self and manage stress in complicated situations. Now is my wish to help and guide others navigate their journey into a healthier and happier life.

Wether you are interested in the physical or mental aspects of yoga we can work on your needs together. As a certified psychologist and yoga teacher you can count on my support and guidance on your needs.
In personal sessions we can approach together stress management and relaxation techniques through counselling sessions, mindfulness and physical practices such as yoga nidra or massage, working on your personal story to help you resolve present or past situations that are not letting you feel as happy as you wish today.
If your interest is mainly focused on the physical exercise, we can work together on a personal one on one sessions. It is posible that you are looking for a regular guided practice where you can be assisted on your practice; maybe you would like to to meet and develop a personal yoga rutine that can fit and be adapted to your own body and needs and that you can take home with you, to focus on some specific areas and asanas such as strenght or flexibility understand or even look for a healthier nutrition guidance or inspiration.

Whatever may be your needs on wellbeing, you can always count on my passion and expertise to find a comfortable and safe space to work and communicate.
I am happy to work with you on one-on-one sessions, small groups of 2-4 persons and bigger groups for both private and company events


  • Graduated in psychology since 2015 by the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)
  • 520h internationally recognised yogateacher education. Yoga Alliance
  • Over the last 4 years I have worked in different countries guiding on yoga in in different spaces and yogastudios and I have continued educating my self on different fields of yoga and mental health. Some of the courses and topics I focus on nowadays include:
  • Hatha yoga
  • Vinyasayoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Yoga nidra
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Yoga for pregnancy
  • Yoga for trauma related, mental health and stress management
  • Ayurvedic practices
  • I am also a certified outdoor educator and I have a deep passion for nature, embodiment practices, massage, cooking and nutrition, areas on wich I have been learning on my own and from other health proffesionals.
paula lozano
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