In Situ Osteopathy

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Osteopathy is a philosophy based on principles that allow practitioners to use a method of diagnosis and treatment through using their hands. We take into consideration the health and vitality of the whole person under the premiss that no body part, or system of the body works in isolation. The practice of osteopathy is based on four fundamental principles that guide osteopathic reasoning and diagnosis towards a natural health oriented, patient centred approach to health care. These principles are:

•The human being functions as a whole, nothing works in isolation and that relates to the mind body spirit.
•The body has it’s own inherent self-regulatory mechanisms to heal.
•The structure and function (anatomy and physiology) of the body are interconnected and interrelated on all levels
•The treatment of the patient is based on the above three principles.

As an osteopath, we are focused on helping you reach your optimal health and feeling better as soon as possible.


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5 omdömen
22 maj 2019
Ellen P
21 maj 2019
Sita S
20 maj 2019
Marie-Eve B
I was treated by Penny. She has a global approach that works perfectly for me. I was in a lot of pain when I first saw her. But my body quicky and positively reacted to her treatment. I now deeply trust her, and I highly recommend her!
20 maj 2019
Oscar M
20 maj 2019
Proffsigt bemötande som skapar trygghet
Karin P
Det är magiskt att en så mjuk och inkännande behandling kan ge så fantastiska resultat. Efter 10 års smärta i axeln så är den nu helt försvunnen. Har även upplevt positiva effekter när energi och kraft saknas i kropp och sinne.
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